6th February 2014new update
Jalava was created 8 years ago to fill a gap in web-based drawing. Since then, technologies have evolved, rendering Jalava obsolete. As such, I have decided to stop development of this software for good.

For the benefit of those still interested in this tool, I will continue to host the source code on SourceForge. However, please note that I will not be providing any support whatsoever. I apologise for that and I thank all of you for your interest in Jalava.

You can download the source code here.

The slightly outdated documentation can still be accessed here.

Jalava is a pure Javascript diagram editor. Out of the box, you can use it as a diagram editor to draw flowcharts, model networks, and more. You can customize your own editor to draw virtually any type of objects. Or you can integrate it with your data models and use it as a visualization tool for your data.

Unlike Windows-based programs, Jalava runs on your web browser. No Flash, no Java applets, no SVG. This makes it an ideal candidate for Intranet applications. This also makes it ideal for web-based collaborative applications.